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Form Your Character!
Hammann von Mier, Stefanie Hammann, Maria VMier, 2018

Form your Character, Hammann von Mier's most recent artist's book, contextualizes and presents their collaborative work as artists and publishers. Reflections on their own practice are linked, specified and explored with materials from extended visits in the USA – in particular a two-month research stay in New York, 2018. The publication concentrates on two central themes: the interrogation of the possibilities and conditions of being an artist (focusing on "survival strategies" outside of the art market), and the relationship between artistic work and politics considered via self-positioning to current events in New York and Munich. The resulting artist's book consists of five diverse parts and is based on elements of the Zine culture. Form your Character! was made possible by the FLAT Preis-CRT Art Foundation 2017, Turin, Italy.

Concept/Design Chronology: Maria VMier
Concept/Design Interview zine: Stefanie Hammann
Design general: Hammann von Mier
Button: Stefanie Hammann
Photo series: Robert Hamacher

Interviews: Bobby Conn, Julie Pomerleau, Rebecca Erin Moran, Jule Korneffel, Arianna Carossa, Helin Alas, Juliet Philipps, Kylie Lockwood, Martha Wilson, Jesaja Song Rüschenschmidt (Polizeiklasse), Lydia Glenn-Murray, Amalia Mourad
Other contributions: Johanna Gonschorek, Gabi Blum, Anna McCarthy, Tom Perkins

Various printing techniques on different sorts of paper, individual parts held together by a rubber band, button, 23 x 27.9 cm

ISBN: 978-3-947250-16-5

1st Edition of 500, English/German
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