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Mein body braucht viel mehr response
Melina Hennicker, Michael Schmidt, 2020

This publication consists of two sections linked by one folded cover: an essay by Monika Bayer-Wermuth, interspersed with illustrations of artistic works by the duo, and a more classically documented catalog part by Hennicker-Schmidt. Bayer-Wermuth discusses the contemporary body and its relationship to its surroundings in her text "Ich brauch touches lieber screen" – at the same time she examines the relationship between body and surroundings in the artistic practice of Melina Hennicker and Michael Schmidt. The catalog raisonné offers a chronological overview of the last five years. It contains exhibition views, video stills, song texts and information on the respective projects.

Text contribution: Monika Bayer-Wermuth
Design: Daily Dialogue (Max Schachtner, Oliver Schwamkrug)

109 p., 4c offset, 23 x 30 cm

ISBN: 978-3-947250-35-6

1st Edition of 300, English/German
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