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Jan Erbelding, 2016

The starting point for this artist book was „Off“, a text based performance circling around the themes of takingpartinsth or refusing, beeing political or not, the problems of refusal, representation, anger, reproduced behavior and the question if this could be avoidable, exhaustion, the relation between myself and the others–in general and within the situation of performing, taking position by refusing a single position. Within the performance the meaning of the term „Off“ is constantly changing in order to somehow deal with the strange longings for simplicity while at the same time beeing afraid of a movement that seems to find a simple structured world just some decades ago. If the „Off“ performance should come down to one sentence it could be seen as a statement for a hypercomplex world and the joy of living in it. But by refusing beeing linear or coherent subject and by dealing with all the problems that come with such a statement.
The text tries to find a way to deal with several themes/problems/conditions/ relations in a kind of abstract and contradictory way. I tried not to speak about things directly but tried to implement them within the performance/material in order to avoid a simple didactic way of just talking about or explaning terms, problems and themes.

80 p., 4/4 C offset or digital print, softcover, dust jacket, 16.5 x 22 cm

Interview: Jan Erbelding & Max Grau
Design: Jan Erbelding, Maria VMier

ISBN: --

1st Edition of 200, German
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