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Post-Everything Ritualism & Hypernaturality
Veronika Christina Dräxler, 2019

Veronika Dräxler is a nomadic, interdisciplinary artist and developer of spaces for dialogue. She utilizes websites, language, moving image and performative rituals to create poetic narratives that research digital identity, (re)appropriation and (post)colonialism in relation to the existential pressure of being a human in late capitalism.

Dräxler’s catalogue-magazine, “Post-Everything Ritualism & Hypernaturality“ is published on the occasion of the artist’s first solo exhibition at Galerie GEDOKmuc in Munich, October 2019. It focuses on the mystical encounter with the earth, the self, the body, rituals, syncretism and how to balance the influences of technology and cognitive mining.

The catalogue-magazine features chosen photographic, poetry, and drawing works from the artist, as well as video stills and photos from her performances. Images and words melt into a poetic narrative in “Post-Everything Ritualism & Hypernaturality”, which was also opened up to various authors who were invited to contribute to the text of the book, giving the viewer a stimulating combination of perspectives.

Text contributions: Tina Sauerländer, Bernard Vienat, Joaquin Pérez, Renata Zas, Muriel Meyer, Sarah Kaufhold
Design: Martin Petersen

120 p., 4c offset, softcover, 17 x 24 cm

ISBN: 978-3-947250-22-6

1st Edition of 350, English
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