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The cake's design may not be exactly as the sample
Claudia Barcheri, 2018

Against the backdrop of an extended research visit that she conducted in 2016 in New York, Barcheri developed a piece of work in which the materialities, textures and appearances of her previous works undergo an experimental update: fascinated by the extravagant cake displays she witnessed in that particular American metropolis, Barcheri requested that one patisserie there transfer a representation of a piece from her series of graphically simplified works (Acqua alta, 2014) onto one such baked offering. The order form itself for this confection serves as the starting point for an artistic examination, one which not only discloses the very existence of such a thing as a cake design purchase form, but also one which shows Barcheri to be fascinated in particular by the formalisation of the creative process.

Text contribution: Lena von Geyso
Design: Claudia Barcheri, Stefanie Hammann

ca. 100 p., 1/0 offset and 4/0 laser print, illustration printing paper/yellow copying paper, hand bound by the artist&publisher with the help of Werkstatt Höflich, 13.5 x 20 cm

ISBN: 978-3-947250-18-9

1st Edition of 150, English/German

numbered, signed

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